Nature’s BioScience Organic Fucoidan



Product Description

Nature’s BioScienceTM Organic Fucoidan is:

The leading stand-alone Fucoidan product available, made with validated levels of fucoidan that have been determined using analytical techniques developed in conjunction with experts at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia.

Produced under certified Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point (HACCP) with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) using validated production processes. HACCP and GMP certifications further distinguish the fucoidan extract, providing surety over its safety and validity.

A carefully balanced product made with Certified Organic fucoidan produced using a cutting-edge water extraction and standardization (50% max) process that ensures fucoidan’s delicate molecular structure is delivered intact.

Formulated with bio-enhancers to maximize fucoidan’s absorption into the bloodstream*.






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